Resources For Mentally Ill People

With so many people with mental disabilities having problems finding or keeping jobs I decided to look around for resources that can help those folks out. What I came across was the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. This organization has many resources available and waiting for those who apply for their services. From counseling to job placement this organization is truly grade A.

When I spoke to this organization they couldn’t be allowed on camera due to the organizations rules but still corresponded via email to answer my questions and help create this video. You can find all the information mentioned in the above video at

Suicide is a topic that most people avoid and I actually want to talk about it more. While suffering from a mental illness, it’s already a struggle to fight off those suicidal feelings, but feeling worthless because you can’t find or keep a job makes it worse. When interviewing the Division of Rehabilitation Services I discovered that they talk to you, find out what kind of goals you have, discuss your disability, and place you in the job that best fits your needs. They also help with therapy if needed. By doing this they not only improve your chances of boosting your self worth, but also reduce your chances of becoming suicidal over those feelings of worthlessness.

Having gainful employment and a sense of self worth because of employment you can begin to be more balanced in life. I understand that at times the depression becomes overwhelming and crisis modes set in. If this happens please call 1-800-273-8255 immediately.

Other services offered by the WVDRS include:

Evaluation and Assessment

Counseling and Guidance

Pre-employment Transition Services

Job Development and Placement

Vocational and Educational Assistance

Supported Employment

Rehabilitation Technology

Post Employment Services

As You can see this is a wonderful organization that really tries to assist those in need. I actually applied for services and was placed on a waiting list as a level 2. Please do not let this discourage you because services will still come to you. Also you may be placed at a level one and receive services immediately. Placeholder Image

Please call your local Division of Rehabilitation Services in West Virginia or Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in other states.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255




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