Resources For Mentally or Physically Disabled


Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Job Squad in Bridgeport WV and sat down with these wonderful folks for a visit and talk. Luckily, they let me keep the cameras rolling for the visit so I could share the experience with all of you!

Through the visit we discussed important issues like job placement, insurance, doctors visits and scheduling. Each question was answered with detail, and each employee seemed genuinely concerned for the well being of their employees who have disabilities.

This organization takes individuals with disabilities and brings them in for an initial intake or screening to discuss not only their disability but also their goals, interests and dislikes so that they can place them in the right situation. By doing this they hope to reduce turnover and job jumping. Each employee is carefully monitored during their employment with on site visits and follow up counseling to make sure they are happy.

During the employees tenure Job Squad provides insurance to full time employees that covers both major medical as well as mental health issues so each employee can get the proper care they need.

As far as scheduling goes, I did ask if Job Squad allowed times for doctors appointments and therapy sessions since they working with disables visitors. The answer I received was “We have flexible scheduling”. I understand that at times work needs to be done and employees need to be at work, but with flexible scheduling this organization understands that at times people need to go to their doctors appointment also. All of this adds up to a win win situation for both employees and their health care.

Please consider this organization as a resource for you if you live in the Bridgeport WV or Charleston WV area. The website is

If you are not in the state of West Virginia look around in your area to see if there is a similar organization for you. I can’t say for sure but I feel like this isn’t the only organization in the world to specialize in employing people with disabilities.  With an organization like this you get the job you need with the respect you deserve.



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