Can You Be A Christian With Mental Illness

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I consider myself a Christian by faith. Each day I wake up and truly thank God for another day. I put faith in everything I do. I brush my teeth and get dressed in my days attire, pack me a quick lunch and off to work I go. I try to arrive at least a half hour before my daily shift starts as I enjoy a few minutes to build up for my days work. (That, I believe is because of my mental illness.) Usually on my way to work I listen to K-Love or my Christian music on my phone. I do pray in my mind almost all the time over every task I try to complete.

Can you have mental illness and still be a Christian? I believe you can. As I said, I am a Christian and yes I have a mental illness. I live my life daily as a sufferer of mental illness. I have to be careful of every step I take. I never know what will trigger a relapse into Bipolar symptoms or how long the cycles will last. I pray everyday for some kind of relief from depression and pain, I thank God everyday that I am still alive as suicide is honestly a daily thought.

I’ve spoken with some ministers who feel that depression, (or any type of mental illness) is a sign of Satan attacking you and that you don’t have enough faith. I’ve spoken to others that feel if you are truly saved ,no sickness will come upon you. To those who feel this way I say look at Job. I say God made all of us, and each one of us is special. The book of Genesis right in chapter one God spoke and said “Let us make man in Our image”. In the book of Revelation God said “I have commissioned you as Kings”. I believe in Christ. I believe in the Bible and I have FAITH.

My mental illness doesn’t define who I am or what I believe. I may have a disability when it comes to every day tasks. I may have trouble holding a job or staying focused on a mundane task, but I don’t have a mental illness that keeps me from being a child of God. Come as you are is a strong scripture that tells me that we are all created the same, but yet differently in the eyes of God. Never be ashamed of who you are, but instead understand that we are all children of one almighty God who understands our needs and differences and accepts us as we are. The mighty Creator of the universe created you and I and loves us today as much as tomorrow. Be blessed.

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