Keeping Busy With Depression


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Keeping busy with work, hobbies and life in general while suffering from major depression is easier said than done. If anyone understands this I do. I understand that being depressed means you don’t want to do anything. Laying in bed, watching TV, eating, sleeping and general slothfulness is the go to activities of depression. Although I am no doctor, nor am I any type of medical expert on anything, I can give you my advice that staying busy does seem to hep in the symptoms area.

I wouldn’t expect someone in a deep depression to go out job hunting or start a new hobby, but I would like to see them try to get out and move around some. Go to the store, visit family and friends, go for a walk, play some type of game. These simple actions can make a word of difference. By reconnecting to the rest of the world you are taking steps to come out of the depressed state.

From my experience in he depressed cycles of Bipolar Disorder I have had one hobby that I have managed to continue, that hobby is YouTube. I have found that although I may not feel like filming or editing when depressed, if I start doing it, I still love it. This is my go to for anxiety, depression, anger or any other emotion that I want to express.

The Bible even teaches us to stay busy.

Proverbs 12:24 The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.

Proverbs 6:6 Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,

I have found that through staying busy with exercise, working, writing, filming and running my ministry in general I am not as tired or depressed as I would be if I was just sitting around doing nothing. Keeping my mind occupied with useful topics that interest me leaves little space for mania or depression to fill in. Of course this isn’t a fail safe option. I still take all my medications and visit my doctor regularly. At times the depression still sets in. I too fall short of my own words of advice. At times I sit and do nothing. I deleted my YouTube channel about a year ago in a depressed state, but I started it back from scratch and still enjoy making videos today.

A hobby or a part time job is a good way to stay busy and keep your mind occupied. Think of all the options out there that you can do. Find a passion and keep with it. Learn as much as you can about the topic. Write about it, film it, create something never before seen. Put your emotions to work for you. Turn your disability into something that can make art.

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