Dealing With Depression

Dealing with and coping with depression can be hard path to navigate. Especially if you have suffered for many years as I have. Dealing with constant pain and emotional turmoil can be devastating at times. I’ve come to realize that my depression comes with highs and lows. Now I admit the highs are still very low but more manageable than the deep lows. But how do I deal with this? Do I have some special coping skill or tool?

As I have mentioned before I am no Doctor or mental health expert but I do have real life experience with Bipolar Disorder , Anxiety, and of course depression. Over the years I have noticed that my depression cycles get way deeper and serious around fall going into winter. The constant cold weather and snow along with dead foliage make my depression more severe. I tend to want to stay inside more so I don’t have to look at the gray skies and lifeless trees and shrubs. I also have more suicidal thoughts during this time of year.

While I don’t have a magical answer to make the pain disappear I do know a few tricks that have helped me along the way. One thing is a “Happy Light”. This lamp somehow admits light the acts as if it is sunlight. The vitamins that the sun give off come form this lamp also. Another trick is hobbies. As in the last post, I discovered a passion that I enjoy doing in YouTube videos. I also enjoy playing my guitar (albeit not that well) and learning new chords and scales.

By engaging in hobbies and occupying your time the depression doesn’t seem to overtake  the ind quite ass bad. The real trick is to feel the depression coming on before you are fully engulfed and begin to battle it with enjoyable tasks. The cycle is hard to break if it traps you before you realize it has the hold.

Other simple things I do is try to get outside if it warms up enough and the skies are blue. That feeling of spring wether even if it is false helps to lighten the mood. Fresh air, sunshine and warmth have a big impact on the mind and body. Just enjoy the warm days as they come and take advantage when you can.

By combining these ideas and taking my medication as prescribed by my doctor I personally have managed to survive and cope with another long cold winter depressed. I hope this helps you some and gives you more tools to deal and cope with you depression.

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