Overcoming Depression With The Word Of God

So, I have been reading the word of God and studied some in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. In this reading I was taught that God loves us no matter what and never leaves our side. He is with us through the darkness and the light. When we feel depressed God is there, when we feel OK God is there. I understand we all know this and at times even take it for granted or forget about it, but what if we think about that for a moment? What if we really sit down and let that sink in for a while? God is always there with us, even to the end of times God is always there with us.

While I was reading these verses I began to think about how God says that he is at his strongest in our lives when we are at our weakest. One can’t help but think that he is telling us that its a blessing in a way to have a disability. As a sufferer we know that God is working overtime in our lives. How can we think of depression, bipolar, pain and suffering as a blessing? Well, we can’t to be honest. As humans we understand that we are sick and hurting. we think of these illnesses as a disability in this world. But as a Christian we can think of it as a way to let God work in our lives. Understanding that he is with us and helping us and encouraging us is the blessing part of it.

As the Foot Prints poster tells us we ask God, ‘why is there only one set of foot prints in the sand when things are hard for me”? God answers, “that’s when I was carrying you”. We need to understand that God will never forsake us and will always be right beside us helping, carrying and battling for us.

God has given us the power and ability to make decisions in our own lives. He has given us the free will to choose him or reject him. He wants to be our counselor and therapist to guide us through this world. By letting him in to our lives we except him as our savior, not just a spiritual savior but a savior in all aspects of our lives.  By letting his will be done then our lives can improve.

Just reading his word alone at times can help relieve some of my symptoms of depression. I won’t tell you that reading the Bible is a cure all because it isn’t for me. I still take my medicine and see my Doctor, but it does help. I find it most helpful when I am at my lowest point in the cycle. By reading, praying and listening to some good uplifting Christian music I feel better.

woman holding book
Photo by Rodolfo Quirós on Pexels.com

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