Health Access and 1 Peter 2:9

I visited Health Access and was treated to a wonderful experience. This free clinic set me up with a wonderful psychologist as well as an excellent nurse practitioner who did a med eval and initial intake with me. The clinic did not make e feel unwelcome in anyway and didn’t look down on me for seeking any type of care that I needed. Health Access seems to be an excellent resource for anyone needing care that they can not afford. It didn’t take long to get an appointment and I didn’t even have to wait long to be seen. After the appointment they filled my medicine on sight at no charge. I would recommend looking into a free clinic in your area, all I did was google free clinics and gave them a call.

It’s been a couple of weeks I know and I am sorry. I do hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter holiday and has been doing well since our last visit. This week I have been studying and reading in the book of 1 Peter and came across a scripture that I found inspiring. The scripture is 1 Peter 2:9 and reads about how we are royal priests and cherished by God. Imagine that! We are royal priests and all are called to go and spread the word of God.

The Bible gives us all kinds of inspiration and teaches us how God loves us and wants us the be with him forever, but to call us all and tell us all that we are royalty is just inspiring. This motivational scripture has reminded me that God made us, and God doesn’t make junk.

As I mentioned in the video above we are all called of God. We are all his children and he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords so this indeed makes us all royalty. Every single one of us. The Bible doesn’t talk about how God picks and choses those he loves more. He doesn’t look down on those with mental illness nor does he take part in any type of stigma, he simply loves his children. SO much so that he gave his sons life so that we could easily spend our eternity with him and rule side by side with the King.

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