Best Christian Metal Bands For Moods

So I’ve been listening to a ton of music headed to and from work over the past year or so and I discovered that music can really relax you, cheer you up or even help you cope with different moods. After thought and prayer I decided to use music as a resource for those who suffer from mental illness. Anyone can find a good song and listen to it for free online or the radio. This is a resource that costs little to nothing and works amazingly in emergencies or just down days.

It’s no secret that people can be in the mood to listen to different genres of music. Some may be secular while others may be Christian artists, better yet some may be country, rock, rap, metal, well you get the point. The good news is that it doesn’t even matter. Any type of music you enjoy can help you get through the tough times in your life. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite artists for you to check out. Some are Christian artists while a couple aren’t, but I listen to each song when I need to hear that particular song for whatever reason. Here are a few of my favorite songs and artist:

Alexi Murdoch: All Of My Days, Orange Sky
Avicci: Wake Me Up
Colin James: Into The Mystic
Disciple: Erase
Ledger: Not Dead Yet (Rock Mix)
Petra: Jekyll & Hyde
Pillar: What Ever it Takes, Secrets and Regrets, Not Without a Fight, Nails, Unafraid, Embrace The Chaos, Hypnotized, Front Line
Red: Breathe Into Me, Start Again, Let It Burn, Darkest Part
Skillet: Rebirthing, The Last Night, Falling Inside The Black, Whispers In The Dark, Feel Invincible
Spoken: Through It All
Switch foot: Learning To Breathe, Voices
7eventh Time Down: Free
NeedtoBreathe: Testify
Michael W Smith: Let It Rain, Surrounded (Fight My Battles)

Music has helped me and will continue to help me with my depression. I will always be thankful to God for giving us the gift of music. Jesus Loves You!

photo of a boy listening in headphones
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