Overcoming Stress the Bible Way

In our daily lives we have to adjust to everyday issues. Some days may go smoothly while other days are all about the stress. If you have mental health problems those stressful days may seem so much bigger than you are. At times I look at the mountain in front of me and wonder how will I ever climb over that. Most of the time (unfortunately) I find a way around it by making a bad choice.

I have been known to be a “job jumper” for lack of better words. My counselor has called me multi- talented, jack of all trades, professional job seeker and resume expert. Yeah, those titles sound much better. So as a multi-talented individual I have had many jobs over the course of my life (I’m forty.”) Most of the time I am balanced out and hold a job for around three to four months although there have been times when I managed to hold a job for a few years. What happens is the depression cycle hits and I can no longer stomach the daily tasks associated with my job. I end up quitting and moving on to another position.

By doing this I find myself sinking into a deeper feeling of worthlessness and guilt. I feel like I can not support myself or my wife. How can we as those who suffer from mental illness overcome this feeling of guilt and worry. Well, in Matthew chapter 6 verse 31 we learn that God knows our needs before we even do. He makes the promise to us that if we put him first then he will provide our daily needs.

I have learned that God will provide. At times, God knew before I quit a job that I was cycling down and opened a window for me into another better suited position. So instead of being unemployed I maintained a job by switching positions. Other times he sees me depressed and not even trying and lifts me up out of the depression enough to go look for a new job.

God is always on our side. He had sent me food baskets without me asking, he has blessed me with checks that I never knew I had coming. God is our safety net in times of need. How can we overcome stress? By trusting in our Lord and Savior for our daily needs. Put him first in our loves and he will take care of the rest.

Another resource is people. God will send us people who who want to help when we need it the most. I was about to give up on this ministry due to lack of interest when I once person sent me a message and encouraged me by telling how much I am helping. Thank You! May the good Lord continue to bless and encourage us all.

photo of man wearing eyeglasses
Photo by Wallace Chuck on Pexels.com

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