How To Be a Christian

Being a Christian isn’t just being right with God, but instead more being Christlike. To be a saved one must except the simple facts that Jesus was born of a virgin, the son of God, crucified and rose again on the third day. If you except this then the Bible says you are saved. In the most famous verse in the Bible (John 3:16) we are taught that God loved the world so much he gave his only son Jesus to die for us. If we except that we shall not perish but have everlasting life. Over and over the Bible teaches us how to become saved. But, we must remember being saved and being a Christian can be viewed as different things.

In my views on this topic I too believe that being saved and being a Christian are different. Being a Christian means to show the world the love of Jesus. Being a Christian means teaching others about Jesus and leading those who are lost back to Jesus. Just because we may not be preachers, Sunday school teachers, choir members and so on doesn’t mean we are not ministers. Every Christian has a ministry. With that ministry comes the responsibility to lead others to Christ and not push them away.

By being judgmental of others, pointing our fingers, condemning someone for their actions we are pushing them away from Christianity. How can we expect someone to come to us for advice and counseling if we are pointing our finger at them? How can we lead someone to Christ if they are running away from us. Look into churches across our nation and check out their membership statuses. most churches are losing members not growing. I believe the reason why is simple.

If we continue to judge others and push them out of the church we will no longer have a church. If Pastors, Sunday school teachers and other leaders aired their own dirty laundry and let others point their fingers at them we would no longer have Pastors and so on. We need to meet others where they are. Welcome others into our church and communities as Christ would. Jesus taught about sin, how to meet the father, love and respect. He did not teach us hate, judging and condemning.

The church forgets the most important rule of the church, WITNESS. Witness to others and teach them about the mercy and love of Jesus. The Gospel is that Jesus died and rose again for our sins. We are forgiven if we except him. We grow in Christ just as a newborn grows in life. Christ is life eternal and we learn as we grow. Let God send his own convictions to us as we grow instead of pointing fingers at others. God Bless

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