Resources For Mentally Ill People

With so many people with mental disabilities having problems finding or keeping jobs I decided to look around for resources that can help those folks out. What I came across was the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. This organization has many resources available and waiting for those who apply for their services. From counseling […]

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Depression In Christians

Should a Christian ever suffer from mental illness? I can say that I am a Christian and yes, I suffer daily from mental illness. Each day I wake up and wonder, how will I be today? How will my Bipolar Depression act today? Everyday is a struggle, but everyday I try my best to feel […]

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The Journey Begins

I plan on taking a look into the world of depression and other mental illnesses in order to find resources that most would never think of . I want to uncover the truth about about how churches look at mental illness and how to cope with the stigma that comes with having a mental illness […]

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