Keeping Busy With Depression

      Keeping busy with work, hobbies and life in general while suffering from major depression is easier said than done. If anyone understands this I do. I understand that being depressed means you don’t want to do anything. Laying in bed, watching TV, eating, sleeping and general slothfulness is the go to activities […]

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Christian Help An Amazing Free Store

I had the privilege of visiting one of the most amazing ministries I have ever seen. Luckily for me these nice folks allowed our team to keep the cameras rolling and share the good news with the world. Christian Help located in the rolling hills of Morgantown, West Virginia has an amazing story to tell you. […]

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Resources For Mentally Ill People

With so many people with mental disabilities having problems finding or keeping jobs I decided to look around for resources that can help those folks out. What I came across was the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. This organization has many resources available and waiting for those who apply for their services. From counseling […]

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Depression In Christians

Should a Christian ever suffer from mental illness? I can say that I am a Christian and yes, I suffer daily from mental illness. Each day I wake up and wonder, how will I be today? How will my Bipolar Depression act today? Everyday is a struggle, but everyday I try my best to feel […]

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The Journey Begins

I plan on taking a look into the world of depression and other mental illnesses in order to find resources that most would never think of . I want to uncover the truth about about how churches look at mental illness and how to cope with the stigma that comes with having a mental illness […]

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